Spa Terre at Ocean Key Resort



While Ocean Key Resort is located at the busy end of Duval Street, you'd never know it in their tranquil Spa Terre. They offer a full menu of treatments like facials, massages, body wraps and other beauty regimens. But it's their Global Rituals like the Javanese Royal Treatment that offer the utmost pampering. From the moment you enter the room, you'll feel like a queen following the path of flower petals at your feet to the massage table. The Balinese massage combines multiple techniques including acupressure, skin rolling, firm stroking and percussion. Essential herbs detox the skin in a post-massage body scrub, followed by a cool layer of yogurt to moisturize the skin. After an aromatic shower, you'll sink into a warm bath in a traditional wooden soaking tub on the curtained balcony. It's prepared with rose petals and infused with tropical fragrances. After two hours of pure relaxation, you won't want to leave.