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About Chris & Sharon Santry, Licensed Sales Associates

Chris and Sharon Santry moved to Key West in 1999.

Before "living the dream", Chris owned a successful advertising agency in New York, Christopher Thomas Associates. After buying, then managing their own vacation rental properties for a few years, they recognized a real gap in the Real Estate and Vacation Rental markets in Key West. So they set out to build a brand new business model that served the full lifecycle of a Key West investment property purchase: serving as exclusive representatives for the buyer during the search for a home and its subsequent purchase, and then as management company for the owner's property once it is acquired.

As Realtors, Chris and Sharon use their own personal experience as buyers as well as their intimate knowledge of Key West and the Key West Real Estate market to work on behalf of their clients. They tailor their services based on their buyers' needs, and are passionate about finding the perfect home and getting the best outcomes for their clients. This business model is unique among Realtors, whose focus has traditionally centered on "making a sale". At Last Key Realty, helping the buyer make the correct decision for their needs and desires is the focus.

As Vacation Rental Managers, Chris and Sharon have built a business that only offers meticulously maintained homes, marketed as high quality rentals for guests that will treat them as such. An important component to this business model was to create a vacation rental company that caters to the guests' every need and desire, with the understanding that excellent guest experiences also mean happy and profitable owners.

About Peter Rysman, Our Broker

Peter Rhysman Last Key Real Estate Agent

Peter Rysman, Broker

Peter Rysman is a practicing attorney specializing in Real Estate, Business Law, and Special Litigation. He has overseen the purchase and sale of over 700 properties in the Keys. His knowledge and experience in the law are a great benefit as we navigate the complexities of contemporary Real Estate transactions on behalf of our Buyers.

Originally from Maine, Peter has been a Florida Licensed Real Estate Sales Agent since 1993, when he first moved to the Florida Keys. He has been a Licensed Broker since 1995. He has been the Broker for Last Key Realty since the company's inception. Peter and his wife, Linda, live in Key West with two dogs and two cats. Their three children are grown.