Key West Real Estate Success Stories #2

Investing in Key West & Don’t It Feel Good!

Christie came to Key West and was walking on Sunshine in no time…

It was a warm summer evening, the refreshing breeze rolled off the Atlantic as Christie took in the breathtaking view from Neptune’s Penthouse, a condo managed by Last Key Realty in the 1800 Atlantic building. Christie had come to Key West to enjoy some fun in the sun and to look at real estate around the island. Upon seeing this stunning view she knew that 1800 Atlantic is where she wanted to be.

A wide angle picture of a condo's porch in Key West. A table and chairs are in the foreground, and the view looks out to the ocean.
The view from Neptune’s Penthouse…

A Tailored Approach to Key West Real Estate

While the purpose of Christie’s visit to Key West was to find a piece of property that she could use for both investment purposes and her family’s personal use, she could not have found her condo without the help of Last Key’s Andrea Leskova Otava, a fresh-faced Realtor at the time. Andrea’s expertise in the vacation rental Real Estate market paved the way for Christie to confidently pursue, and ultimately purchase, her Key West investment condo.

Prior to Christie’s arrival in town, her and Andrea had a few conversations about the tricky Key West Real Estate market. They determined what Christie’s investment goals were and how Last Key could help her achieve those financial goals. Andrea helped Christie narrow down her search to a few choice properties with a transient license. This included an available unit at 1800 Atlantic.

Picture of a condo living room in Key West, Florida. A flat screen television on the left handside above a cupboard and on the right are a brown chair and a white couch.
The living area of Christie’s unit, Walking on Sunshine

The first property they looked at turned out to be the only one Christie needed to see. “When I saw the view, I was sold.” 2 days later, they were under contract on the condo that would become known as Walking on Sunshine.

Over the years Andrea and Christie’s relationship has grown. Andrea has even recently helped Christie acquire her second investment property at 1800 Atlantic. “I love working with Christie,” Andrea said with a big smile. “I had the pleasure of meeting her kids and her parents too. I love seeing a family come together to work on a property.”  Christie’s new penthouse unit will surely be another jewel in Last Key’s collection!

The stunning view from Walking on Sunshine!

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