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Our Key West Real Estate goal is to support the best possible outcomes for our clients, many of whom we have built relationships with over the years as their vacation rental managers.  Our business model functions differently than most Real Estate brokerages. At Last Key, our bread and butter lies in vacation rentals. That means we do not rely on Key West real estate production to keep the lights on. If the time is right to make a purchase, we are ready to help make that happen. Until then, we are not motivated to “force” a transaction simply because it does not make or break our business. We want the optimal outcome for our clients, whenever that may be. 

Our Commitment

Our priority isn’t production, our priority is the best possible outcome for you! This may not sound like a typical Real Estate Agency’s motto, that’s because we’re not your typical Real Estate Agency. At Last Key Realty, we never talk about “making a sale.” Instead, our entire business model is based on the simple premise of helping our clients negotiate the best terms possible when buying or selling your real estate in Key West.

Our Services To You

As Key West’s Luxury Vacation Rental Brand, we have a unique understanding of what makes a successful vacation rental home. Each of our agents has years of experience in the vacation rental industry and possess extensive expertise in the following areas:

-  Current State of the Key West Real Estate Market

-  Current State of the Key West Vacation Rental Market

-  Identifying Key West’s Leading Investment Opportunities

-  Identifying What a Potential Purchase Requires to Become a High Performing Luxury Vacation Rental

-  The Buying Process in the Keys

-  Listing Your Home in the Keys

-  Financing & Closing Requirements

If you are ready to embark on the journey of purchasing or selling a home in Key West, contact us for a personalized experience, and let’s get the conversation started.