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Invest Key West

Why Use a Buyer’s Agent?

In this evolving and complex real estate market, working with an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent has become more important than ever. Think of us as your attorney in a lawsuit, or as your financial advisor for retirement planning.

A Key West Buyer’s Agent is your expert, on your side 100% of the time. The alternative is a Transactional Agent, who has extremely limited fiduciary responsibility to either party or a Seller’s Agent, who is responsible solely to the seller.

Essentially, real estate is a trust relationship that in many cases involves one of your largest investments. Therefore, you will want to find the realtor whom you can trust and rely on.

Our Commitment

As your Exclusive Buyer’s Agent, we will do our utmost to discover assets and/or defects of a given home or parcel.

When we escort you to a house showing, we will not spend our time trying to point out all of the great “sales points”.

We are there to make sure that, when you do purchase a home, your needs and desires will be completely satisfied.

Once we have helped you find the home you wish to buy, we will negotiate on your behalf for the best price and term, using every legal and ethical device to obtain the most favorable outcome for you, the Buyer, through every step in the property buying process.

That last phrase, “the buying process” is a significant one, because at Last Key Realty we never talk about “making a sale.” Instead, our entire business model is based on the simple premise of helping our clients find the home of their dreams, and negotiate the best terms possible to purchase that home.

All of this comes at no additional cost to you because our compensation comes exclusively from the seller. And that is our commitment, for each and every client we serve, on every transaction we oversee.

Our Services To You

As an Exclusive Buyer’s Agent, you can expect the following from Last Key Realty:

1. We will provide a candid and objective perspective on the Key West Real Estate Market in order to help you determine the home size, price, location, and style that is right for you.

2. We will objectively assist you through the process of touring and comparing homes so that you find the one that is a match for you.

3. We will help you through the financing and closing requirements.

4. We will help you through the closing process and issues that may arise.

5. We will assist you in problems or concerns which you may have after the closing.

If you are ready to embark on the journey of a Key West home purchase, Contact us for a personalized property search as your Exclusive Buyer’s Broker today.