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Rentals near Duval Street

Every major destination has a “main street.” In Key West, our hub of activity, attractions, restaurants, shopping and nightlife is Duval Street. Duval Street always delivers a day full of fun, and is a perfect place to book your vacation rental!

Because it is only a two-mile road stretching from the Southernmost part of the island to the Cruise Ship port, Duval Street can be walked end-to-end in an afternoon, but it is nearly impossible to experience all that Duval Street has to offer in a day, or even a week. Key West Foodies will find a never-ending array of dining options, from small walk-up bodegas to upscale restaurants touting competitive accolades. From street performers to real estate offices, t-shirt shops to upscale boutiques, Duval Street is a magical mix of culture and life that is the island of Key West.

Although Key West is a small island, and getting around by bicycle, electric car, taxi, or your own car is not difficult, many visitors prefer the luxury of simply walking to all of their favorite spots. Staying near Duval Street gives you the option of escaping the action of Duval Street but still being a short walk from main attractions. A location within eight blocks of Duval Street (up to one mile away) can facilitate a perfect balance of peace in your vacation home with the freedom to walk back and forth to the fun of Duval Street at your leisure.

For those looking for a balance of a prime location with the peace of an escape to your Key West rental home, here is a list of our homes located within walking distance of Duval Street. Or, search for rentals on Duval Street

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our Key West vacation rental specialists today!

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