Sunset Sails

A local saying in Key West is “see you at sunset.” Throughout Key West’s history, dramatic sunsets have weaved their spell over visitors. Watching the sunset has become an integral part of everyday life in paradise. You may be asking yourself, the sun sets everywhere, what makes a Key West sunset so special? The answer to that question becomes apparent when you experience one for yourself.

The best place to watch the sunset in Key West is on the deck of a boat, drink in hand, wind in your hair and the sun slowly sinking into the ocean. There are many ships to choose from, whether you want a catamaran, sailboat or a schooner, we can make it happen.

Call your concierge today at (305) 292-6266 to discuss your sunset sailing options.

Sailing Adventures

Take in a breathtaking sunset aboard a true sailing ship

Wine Tasting Sunset Sail

  • Sailing on a schooner
  • Up to 8 different varieties of wine
  • Craft and domestic beers available
  • Hors d'oeuvres complementing the wines
  • Explore the calm waters of the island's west coast

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