COVID-19 Information

A Message from Last Key Realty Regarding Our Response to the Coronavirus Outbreak

In order to protect our staff, our island, and our brand as a luxury hospitality-oriented vacation rental manager we are committed to doing the right thing for all concerned - our guests, our homeowners, our staff and our company itself - during this time of uncertainty in health and travel. 

According to our rental agreement, guests may cancel for any reason more than 60 days prior to arrival and receive a refund.  We are also able to change stay dates for these reservations without penalty. 

However, for those needing to cancel within the 60 days prior to arrival their funds are technically nonrefundable, and our traditional advice/fail safe for necessary cancellations within this period is trip insurance (which must be purchased prior to that 60 day period.) However, we have been notified that our travel insurance partner, Generali, is not covering the “fear of getting sick” and therefore leaving guests without options during this time period unless they themselves do contract the coronavirus and prove it with medical records.

Because of this, we are choosing to offer a lifeline and work with our concerned guests and guests traveling from impacted areas on a reasonable solution.

Though their funds paid will not be refundable, Guests scheduled to arrive within 60 days who request a cancellation due to the Coronavirus outbreak will be offered the option to defer their stay at the same property for comparably priced dates for up to 12 months. There is a 10% deferrment fee charged for these reservations. Any difference in cost of the deferred dates will be due from the guest per our normal payment schedule. 

If you are an incoming guest needing to cancel due to the Coronavirus pandemic, please send an email to with your Reservation #, currently reserved dates, and cancellation request.  If you are choosing to defer the stay please review the calendar on the listing for future stay dates that are available.

We at Last Key are dedicated to protecting those guests who are concerned while at the same time protecting our homeowners, our brand, our staff and our island. There are many considerations. We do not take lightly the impact on us all.