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Team Last Key Realty

At Last Key Realty, we are a small team of Realtors, Property Managers, and Business Associates who are passionate about Key West, our homes, and our guests. Once you are here in Key West with us, we thrive off of meeting you and getting to know you. Until then, here are some quick introductions to who we are and how we got to paradise.



    Hometown:  Massapequa, New York on Long Island

    Professional Background before Last Key:  Owned and operated an ad agency for 28 years. The agency grew to a staff of about a hundred people and specialized in broadcast advertising.

    Why Key West?  Where else in America can you find tropical weather, sophisticated culture, and a community of truly strange and wonderful people?

    Favorite Key West Restaurant:  Hogfish Bar & Grille, as quirky as Key West is, Hogfish is part of an even more individualistic subculture, with a community of artists and artisans making their living out of what used to be shrimpers' shacks.

    Favorite Key West Activity:  Cycling up the Keys on US 1 on my "Orbea" Time Trial Bike. It's a very zen experience riding at about 20 mph with the tropical breeze at your back, the Atlantic Ocean on one side, and the Gulf of Mexico on the other.

    Why Last Key Realty?  At first, it was our accidental business. We just were trying to find a better way to manage our own vacation rental homes, which were staying vacant for months at a time. After the first couple of years, it became a passion. And now, it's a way of life for us.



    Hometown:  Valleyfield, Quebec, Canada

    Professional Background before Last Key:  M.A. in Art History from NYU Institute of Fine Arts

    Why Key West?  Relaxed atmosphere and perfect weather.

    Favorite Key West Restaurant:  Latitudes, it's like going to your own private Florida Keys island experience.

    Favorite Key West Activity:  Walking on the Smathers Beach "boardwalk" because the vista is so refreshing - every morning it's like a new day.

    Why Last Key Realty?  Somebody had to keep the office organized! :)



    From the cold climes of Maine, I first visited Key West in 1976 and knew immediately that I wanted to live here. In 1989, I got an employment opportunity that brought me here part time. Then in 1996, I found a full time opportunity. Today it would take an overwhelming winch to get me out of here. It’s a great place to live.

    Favorite Key West Restaurant:  The best food in the lower Keys is at the Square Grouper at MM 22. If you prefer to stay in Key West, Prime has the best steaks. For elegant dining overlooking the water, the Hot Tin Roof is my favorite.

    Favorite Key West Activity:  Spending time with friends. I’ve never had as many wonderful friends as here in Key West.

    Why Last Key?  In 2008, I was fortunate to be one of the founders of Last Key Realty. Since then the company has been enormously successful at creating first-class vacation experiences for our customers, enhancing the values of the properties entrusted to our care, and creating a work family of dedicated, happy employees who take pride in their work. Last Key is the best!



    Hometown:  Virginia Beach, Virginia

    Professional Background before Last Key:  Worked for a major consulting firm, GWU graduate

    Moved to Key West in 2012, but have been visiting since my mom brought me in her pregnant belly. My first ice cream was at Flamingo Crossing on Duval Street when I was less than 1 year old! Key West has been an important part of my life and my happiness for as long as I can remember.

    Why Key West?  Wherever I am in the world, when I close my eyes and go to my "happy place" it has always been Key West - the weather, the scenery, the food, the colorful people who are all so accepting of each other - life is the way it should be here.

    Favorite Key West Restaurant:  Too many to call a favorite, Key West has become a true foodie's paradise - if I had to plan it, my ultimate foodie day would be breakfast at La Grignote, lunch at Garbo’s Grill, and dinner at My New Joint (up the Keys in Cudjoe - worth the drive!)

    Favorite Key West Activity:  Being out on the water! A boat trip to a sand bar with a cooler full of beverages and food is the ultimate Key West day for me.

    Why Last Key Realty?  I truly believe in the mission of Last Key and in my team - I am inspired to treat our guests to the same magic we all first experienced when we first came to the Keys, and I love what I do - work does not feel like work when it's your passion!!



    Hometown:  Lakeland, Florida

    Professional Background before Last Key:  Merchandiser for The Home Depot, UNF graduate

    I moved to Key West by way of Jacksonville in 2016 to be closer to my girlfriend (now wife) and family, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. The weather, the people, the scenery, the atmosphere… it doesn’t get any better than Key West!

    Why Key West?  I grew up vacationing to Key West and always had a fascination with this place, so when the opportunity to move here presented itself I couldn’t pass it up.

    Favorite Key West Restaurant:  Santiago’s Bodega. They have the best Happy Hour on the island and an incredible selection of food on their menu.

    Favorite Key West Activity:  Enjoying some Vitamin D and “Sea” out on the water or at Fort Zach!

    Why Last Key Realty?  Last Key has such an amazing rapport with its’ guests! I wanted to be part of a company that values the same things I do, as well as to gain exposure in various aspects of the real-estate business. I also love the family-like atmosphere of our team.



    Hometown:  Sharonville, Ohio

    Professional Background before Last Key:  I studied Management Information Systems and Business Administration at Miami University. After college, I worked as a Human Resource Director for an office equipment sales and service company. Once in Key West, I worked as a Bartender at Margaritaville Cafe, Pepe's Cafe and Shanna Key Irish Pub. I then moved on to Event and Wedding Coordinator with Love In Bloom Florist before making my way to the amazing Last Key Realty team!

    Why Key West?  I have been in Key West for 15 years now. The sun and sand is what brought me to paradise, but it’s the people and the relaxed, laid back vibe that keeps me here.

    Favorite Key West Restaurant:  I have so many favorites! Pepe’s Cafe is top of my list for any meal. Everything is super fresh, especially the oysters and the fresh squeezed lime margaritas!

    Favorite Key West Activity:  Taking a leisurely ride around the island on my bicycle and basking in the sun.

    Why Last Key Realty?  The high standards Last Key Realty holds itself to is what drew me to the company. We truly care about our guests and strive to provide them with exceptional service. Also, I love to meet new friends and introduce them to my little piece of paradise!



    Hometown:  Liberec, Czech Republic

    Professional Background before Last Key:  Assistant to the CEO and legal department of a large Construction Company in my Hometown and waitress at Amigos Tortilla Bar in Key West.

    After my second vacation in Key West I decided to quit my job back home and try something new, I needed some change in my life. So I moved to Key West in 2012. I have to say it was the best decision in my life…I found what I was missing in my life…

    Why Key West?  It is like living life in paradise… Yes, you have to still work and pay bills like anywhere else BUT the weather, the ocean and the nice people are the great things about living here. 

    Favorite Key West Restaurant:  Amigos Tortilla Bar, the staff is very friendly and the food is so delicious. But I have to also say Hurricane Hole and Geiger Key are good places too. WHY? Because having a cold beer and sitting by the ocean is an indescribable feeling.  

    Favorite Key West Activity:  Spending time on the water, going to the sand bar, where no one is around, it is like taking a mini vacation, the perfect getaway.

    Why Last Key Realty?  Because it was the right time and place for a career change. It was really nice of Chris and Sharon to offer me this job and give me the opportunity to join the Last Key Realty family. Also, it is great experience for me because I have always been interested in Real Estate. 



    Hometown:  Cleveland, Ohio. 23 years there, followed by 20 in the DC/Annapolis area.

    Professional Background before Last Key:  Accountant and bookkeeper-around-town. While in DC I worked for NASA and a Political Action Committee on Capitol Hill.

    While working in Annapolis MD, a very close friend the Captain on Senator John Glenn's 52 ft Hatteras, relocated the boat to Jupiter, FL for the winter, and invited me for a visit. A roadtrip the next day to Key West cinched the deal. Upon my return to Annapolis, I told my husband of the island, and we vacationed here every February for my birthday. We brought our 8 year-old daughter for a visit, and later that year when my husband's vehicle broke down in a major snow storm, my daughter asked why don't we just move to Key West and not have snow-related issues? Two weeks later we sent my husband down to do some house hunting, and 6 weeks later, the truck was unpacked and we began our odyssey of living on the rock!

    Why Key West?  It was as far as I could go at the time without a passport! And I had everything I required for a good day every day - sun and being surrounded by water.

    Favorite Key West Restaurant:  Saluté for the scallops or mussels appetizers and Santiago's Bodega for their tapas and sangria.

    Favorite Key West Activity:  Spending the day under the pines at Ft. Zachary Taylor State Park with my dog, Meister. Or getting off the rock and spending an afternoon at the Jumping Bridge on Sugarloaf Key.

    Why Last Key Realty?  I'm impressed with what our company offers to guests looking for outstanding accommodations. Our properties are exquisite, and really provide the laid-back island-living lifestyle.  That's what it's all about. I'm totally grateful, and extremely blessed that they offered me the job.



    Hometown:  Carol Stream, IL 

    Professional Background before Last Key:  Was the head concierge of a 5 star resort in Key West.  I also owned & managed a bar on Duval St for a short time.

    Why Key West?  It’s a self-contained little world unto itself.  Warm weather, great people and a fantastic community atmosphere.

    Favorite Restaurant in Key West:  Santiago’s Bodega followed by Better Than Sex.  The tapas at Santiago’s is fantastic, truly not to be missed.  Then head to Better Than Sex for some mind-blowing desserts! 

    Favorite Key West activity:  Nothing is more fun than taking my son out on a jet ski!  Zipping around the island, jumping over some waves, taking in the sights from the water - you can’t beat it!

    Why Last Key Realty?  For years I’d heard what a stellar company Last Key is not only with how well they treat their employees but the level of service and care they extend to every guest.  Lucky for me circumstances fell into place that allowed me to join the team!



    Hometown:  St. Peter, Minnesota

    Professional Background before Last Key:  Office Manager of a Los Angeles law firm

    I’ve been enjoying vacationing in Key West for many many years, so when I found myself contemplating a job change… I thought why not make it an adventure and move to Key West? Two of my very best friends in Los Angeles convinced me it was the right thing for me to do and said to me, if not now, when?

    Why Key West?  Who doesn’t want to live the dream on an island in Paradise?! I love to feel the warmth of the sun and the ocean is so inviting. Life truly is better in flip flops!!

    Favorite Key West Restaurant:  Geiger Key Marina Fish Camp and The Boathouse for some happy hour… there are so many great places, it’s hard to pick just one!

    Favorite Key West Activity:  Paddle Boarding and Kayaking…boat trip to Marvin or Snipes…anything on the water.

    Why Last Key Realty?  Because it’s not a law firm… it’s a wonderful company with a great team of people! I’m learning something new and enjoying the challenge.



    Hometown:  Parkersburg, West Virginia

    Professional Background Before Last Key:  Many years in the Hospitality field. My first job in high school was as a busboy at a Holiday Inn and I have been hooked on Guest Service ever since. Most recently I was Front Office Supervisor at a high end Boutique Hotel on the island.

    Favorite Key West Restaurant:  Key West has so many wonderful dining options from fun and funky to fine dining. I love sushi so I have to go with Origami a traditional Japanese sushi house tucked right off Duval St. Also South Beach Cafe, they have a stunning view of the ocean and the BEST breakfast potatoes ever. 

    Favorite Key West Activity:  Going to the beach here on Key West or one of many hidden little gems up the Keys. Spending time with family and friends and my little dog Biko.

    Why Last Key?  I was moved by Last Key Realty's amazing properties and above and beyond customer service and care. After 25 years on the island I don't take it for granted that I get to live in paradise and I love to share the experience with all our guests.



    Hometown:  Rochester, New York

    Professional Background before Last Key:  Before arriving in Key West, I worked in Interior Design as well as conservation picture framing & restoration. Once I landed on my feet here in the Southernmost City, I became a Legal Assistant for the Office of the State Attorney while moonlighting as a bartender.

    After leaving my home state of NY, I bopped down the East Coast of the U.S. in search of warmth & adventure. The Treasure Coast of Florida fit the bill, & I made Vero Beach, FL my home for just over a decade. After some fateful personal events unfolded, I decided to make the life-changing move to Key West. It proved to be one of the best personal decisions I've ever made. 

    Why Key West?  My decision to put roots firmly down in Key West boiled down to this: the people here. We have a very eclectic mix of residents that have relocated here from all over the world, and Key West's motto of "One Human Family" resonates loud & clear.

    Favorite Key West Restaurant:  It's impossible to choose just one! My go-to breakfast place is Harpoon Harry's, where you can pair your eggs benny with a killer Bloody “Harry”.  Ambrosia sushi rocks my world.

    Favorite Key West Activity:  My rescue pups Stella & Candy often join me for sunrise at the White Street Pier…it's a beautiful & refreshing way to start our day! I’m a swimmer, & my true passion is snorkeling the crystal-clear waters here.

    Why Last Key?  Before becoming a part of the Last Key Realty family, I already had an admiration for the caliber of service that this company provides their guests. I have friends from New Hampshire that come to Key West every winter, & they consistently choose to use Last Key for their accommodations. It is such a wonderful feeling to know that I now have the pleasure of working with this amazing team. Pinch me!



    Hometown:  I was born in Huntington Beach, California but Key West is the only place I have ever called home. 

    Professional Background before Last Key:  Before joining the Last Key Realty team I was part of the managerial staff at Sears Key West.

    In 1991, I arrived on this island for a three day vacation and I still haven’t left.

    Why Key West?  Because you can get into a five-star restaurant wearing a tank top and flip flops. 

    Favorite Key West Restaurant:  There are so many amazing restaurants on our island, my search continues.

    Favorite Key West Activity:  All activities involving our marine habitat. 

    Why Last Key?  Last Key Realty provides me with a stimulating work environment coupled with a family atmosphere. It doesn’t get better than that. 



    Hometown:  Cape May, New Jersey - which is also an island!

    Professional Background before Last Key:  I have worked in the Key West hospitality industry since 2008 at guesthouses, hotels and also another vacation rental company. When I first moved here I waitressed and was a tour guide for jet-skis around the island.

    I ended up in Key West because I graduated college and decided to follow my big brother to Key West. 24 years in New Jersey was enough for me!

    Why Key West?  When on one of my 12 vacations to Key West, I started to envision myself here and decided the next time I come it will be to move.

    Favorite Key West Restaurant:  My favorite restaurant is The Cafe on Southard Street. 

    Favorite Key West Activity:  Getting on the water in any capacity.

    Why Last Key?  I chose to work at Last Key Realty because their values align with my own. It's truly my pleasure to assist guests in any way so that they may enjoy their time on this island as much as I do.



    Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana aka "The Big Easy" (You can call in NAWLINS if you'd like!)

    Professional Background before Last Key: After graduating, I gained experience in every form of hospitality, including property management, small business ownership, guest services, and Concierge services before landing in the vacation rental industry.

    One visit started the rest of my life in paradise. Although after Katrina's devastating impact on New Orleans, I was looking for a new place to call home where I could continue my love of fitness and vegetarian lifestyle.

    Why Key West? One could say that I was made for the hospitality industry. Born and raised in "The Big Easy", I grew up with world class music, diverse culture, amazing food, incredible nightlife, and all of the history that New Orleans had to offer. It was an easy transition in 2000 when I moved to the sunny island of Key West.

    Favorite Key West Restaurant: Santiago's Bodega

    Favorite Key West Activity: FITNESS! BEING GOOD TO PEOPLE!! SMILING!!!

    Why Last Key Realty? Last Key's excellent reputation for world class service and luxury vacation homes combined with a team of happy and motivated employees.



    Hometown: Andover, NJ

    Professional Background before Last Key?  Before Last Key I was a Manager at a hotel and Concierge here in Key West. Prior to moving to Key West I was a software sales executive in New York City and San Francisco Ca

    What's your story of how you ended up in Key West?  I moved to Key West after visiting just one time.  I decided to trade the hustle of the island of Manhattan for the tropical island of Key West.

    Why Key West?  I love the beautiful weather all year, the blue water and the welcoming free spirted people of this island

    Favorite Key West Restaurant?  My favorite restaurants are La Trattoria on Duval, I love the hog fish specials, and Louie's backyard for lunch on the deck.

    Favorite Key West Activity?  I try to get out on the water as much as possible.  I love to snorkel at the reef or just relax on a boat.

    Why Last Key Realty?  The people and the beautiful properties we represent.  We have an amazing team of professionals that strive for the best experience vacationing Key West.



    Hometown: A farm community in Avoca, MI

    Professional Background before Last Key?  Prior to joining the Last Key Realty team, I have been in the Vacation Rental Management & Guest Services field as a reservationist, guest services manager, home owner liason and general manager with a local concierge team.

    What's your story of how you ended up in Key West?  I came to Key West for a vacation and fell in love with the wonderful weather and diverse culture.  It was long after my vacation that I made Key West my home.

    Why Key West?  It has an average yearly temperature of 78 degrees!  The world's 3rd largest barrier reef, and tropical weather year-round, Key West is a wonderful place for almost any person.  The island has a diverse culture that offers local caught cuisine and interesting people to enjoy it with.

    Favorite Key West Restaurant?  The Boat House

    Favorite Key West Activity?  Dining, Diving and not shoveling snow!

    Why Last Key Realty?  I am extremely proud to be on the Last Key Realty Team!  Last Key offers the best vacation homes with Guest Services that are unmatched.  I very much enjoy working with our guests, homeowners and of course our team.  Whether you want to vacation in the Keys, own an investment home in the Keys, or work with the best on the island, Last Key Realty is the choice.



    Hometown:  Mt. Upton, New York

    Professional Background before Last Key:  For about 18 years before coming to Key West, I drove a semi-tractor trailer truck. I delivered all kinds of freight goods for a variety of manufacturers including Gasoline, milk and even ice cream for Ben and Jerry’s! Then I came to visit my sister in February 2016 and never left. I worked for the Conch Train as a mechanic, and then as a technician for Suburban Propane. I’m capable of fixing just about any problem with my own two hands!

    Why Key West?  I love the island vibe here in Key West. The weather is great, and the people here are creative, friendly and overall really happy. Plus, my sister and her husband live here so it’s great to be around family.

    Favorite Key West Restaurant:  Hurricane Hole has fresh seafood, ice-cold beers and a relaxing atmosphere where you can sit outside on the dock. It’s perfect for catching up with friends; watching the sun go down and seeing the boats come in.

    Favorite Key West Activity:  Hopping on the scooter and riding around town is so much fun. I love it when the fresh island air fills my lungs; the warm sun hits my bald head while I enjoy seeing the beautiful island I get to call home. After scooting around Old Town, I like to swing by Caroline’s Café also known as “the office” where I can sip a cold beer and people watch on Duval Street. This is hands down the best free entertainment available here in Key West.

    Why Last Key Realty?  When the opportunity presented itself, my handy skillset and can-do attitude was the perfect fit for the position! I’m so grateful to be a part of the Last Key Realty family. I like that I still get to drive a truck around town, although my Last Key Realty pick-up is a little bit smaller than the 18 wheeler I was used to for so many years.



    Hometown:  Key West, FL 

    Professional Background before Last Key:  I was an electrician for many years.  Got into property maintenance around 2010 and have enjoyed it ever since.

    Why Key West?  I was born and raised here and love the island very much, I would never leave.  Growing up here was amazing.  Being on the water and playing sports was a way of life for me.

    Favorite Restaurant in Key West:  El Siboney Restaurant & Pepe's Cafe 

    Favorite Key West activity:  Fishing and playing softball at Perry Court when it was a softball field.

    Why Last Key Realty?  The reputation of Last Key Realty in the vacation rental business and the great staff.