Key West Shipwreck Museum


The Florida Keys are home to some of the only coral reefs found off the shores of the continental U.S., and throughout history these underwater structures have led to numerous shipwrecks. The Key West Shipwreck Museum gives patrons a chance to learn about some of these 19th century nautical disasters by transporting them back to 1856. Join tour guide Asa Tift and his wrecking crew, and gain a better understanding of  the shipwrecks - both planned and unplanned - that have helped bolster the reefs around the keys and provide a framework for future growth. Climb the 65-foot lookout tower and gaze out over the Gulf in search of distressed vessels or peruse through countless exhibits documenting what life on Key West was like for early pioneers and settlers. Sit in on film screenings that re-live some of the more epic shipwrecks of the past 200 years or gaze upon the mountains of pilfered bounty acquired by divers who've spent numerous hours exploring these wrecks.

The museum is located next door to the Key West Aquarium and shares the same address and parking facilities. Admission tickets for the museum can be acquired both online at the facility's website and at the on-site ticket booth, located in the adjoining Mallory Square.